Why Fresh Milk?



Women Deliver the Milk in Wartime Britain, 1942

Women Deliver the Milk in Wartime Britain, 1942

Here are a few interesting tidbits from Fresh Milk for your Friday morning! Enjoy!

◾The title for king in the Uganda region is “Omukama” meaning “superior milk bringer” symbolic of a leader as a feeder of the people.

◾In Europe, the electric vehicle that transports milk is called a “milk float.”

◾Currently, .4% of US milk consumers still have their milk delivered!

I am often asked “Why Fresh Milk” as a name for my resume business. “What’s the significance?” I’m asked. Like any upstart, I had a vision in head of what I wanted my business to be. I wanted to help people with something functional that would make their day-to-day lives better. I wanted to deliver a new “fresh” perspective to something that can sometimes feel mundane or lack luster. (Believe me, I have stared at my own resume long enough to want to throw it in the trash at times!)

As a lover of all things retro- from pinup girls to Mad Men– the image of the 1930s to 1950s milkman delivering superior products to the stay-at-home mom was symbolic of what I hoped to do…help provide something important to women re-entering the workforce or changing careers. Women just tend to have more career set-backs than men due to our choices to stay at home, take extended leave to have children, work part-time, care for ailing parents, or otherwise prioritize career vs. family, all choices equally noble. It is also important to emphasize choices…we are not the 1950’s June Cleaver expected-to-stay-at-home wives. These choices, however, will impact our retirement, savings, salary caps, and overall climb up the career ladder in our lifetime.

My other milkman-inspired reason for Fresh Milk is service. The modern refrigerator that appeared in everyone’s kitchen post-war America killed the milkman. Not literally. This convenience eliminated the worry of spoiled milk and with him went personalized “at your door” service. We have all seen this decline…from self-serve gas to Wal-Mart self check-out. Even the convenience of the internet has eliminated my need to deal with an uninterested sales clerk. It’s a shame…but it’s true. In my industry, online “resume writers” tout a new resume in 24 hours. These are actually oversees writers (Asia, India, etc.) hired for pennies to rewrite your most important marketing tool! Grrrr…don’t do it.

I hope through Fresh Milk I can bring back a little bit of the personalized, local service inspired by the milkman. Contact me today or refer me to a friend. I am ready to deliver.

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