Ok so you have a great Fresh Milk Résumé, right? No? Well get one! THEN…prepare yourself for the great interview you are going to get with that new fresh résumé! What’s in your Interview Tool Kit?

1. Portfolio: Invest in a professional looking portfolio. It will add professionalism and class to your presentation and show your organizational skills. Think of it as the toolbox you put all the following information in!

2. Notepad and Paper: Seems simple but don’t forget a nice notepad and pen. I once forgot a pen. I was too humiliated to admit it, then stole one from a secretary’s desk when she wasn’t looking! (Walk of shame…)

3. At least one copy of your résumé: You don’t need to pass them out as your interviewer will probably already have them. BUT…you will want a copy to reference for yourself, or an extra in case its needed. Also keep a copy of the cover letter you submitted. If you are applying for many jobs, you may forget just what you submitted!

4. And speaking of the subject of résumés: Whether you have a Fresh Milk Résumé or your own fabulous creation, KNOW WHAT THE RESUME SAYS! Study it. You would be surprised how many people forget what they put or never read it closely when done by a professional (that’s me!). Much of the information in your résumé and cover letter will help you when you get stuck on the hard questions. Know it!

5. References: Again, you don’t have to pass these out but keep them on hand in case they are needed or asked for… you will look freshly prepared!

6. A list of questions: Do your research and ask some really great questions. Steer away from questions of salary and benefits, generally speaking. (Save those for the second interview or job offer.) You don’t have to ask them all but have enough so that you don’t have to worry about them all being answered in the interview as well as having enough to fill up time if necessary. Don’t just ask the questions, either. Be sure to give a response that allows you to interject the points they DIDN’T ask about you. It’s like steering your own interview.

7. Interviewers Contact Information: Be sure to have their name, number, etc. on your phone or in your portfolio. Again, sounds simple but Murphy’s Law will get you on the way to that interview. You will take a wrong turn, not find a parking space or spill coffee on yourself. It happens. Make sure you can contact them immediately in case of emergency. (I typically pull up their website on my phone ahead of time just in case I need to reference it quickly.)

8. Mints, nutrition bar or snack, and a bottle of water: We don’t want your breath stinky, your tummy growling, or your mouth dry from nervousness. I once had an interview that lasted two hours and I didn’t eat lunch before hand…I nearly passed out in the parking lot!

And remember…don’t arrive too early…but never too late. As my sweety says “If you aren’t 15 minutes early, you are late.” (He is mid-western.) Well you don’t have to be that early but do give your self some time to find the location, building, office number, etc.

Happy Job Hunting!


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